Bridge II Sports 360 Club

Join the 360 Club as a monthly donor and make a year-long commitment of at least $30 a month to sustain the life-changing programs of Bridge II Sports empowering people with physical disabilities to FIND THE PLAYER WITHIN through  adapted sports opportunities.

Why 360?

The symbol of a wheel is an important one to us at Bridge II Sports.  For many of our athletes a wheel represents freedom, movement and opportunity.

When an athletes gets in a sportchair for the very first time all it takes is that FIRST PUSH to get moving and fall in love with an experience that was thought to be impossible.

We believe in the power of sport to create change in all 360 degrees of our athletes lives both on and off the court.

Thank you make that FIRST PUSH for our athletes by becoming a 360 Club Member and help maintain the momentum of Bridge II Sports programs throughout the year with scheduled monthly donations.


Becoming a Bridge II Sports 360 Club Donor